HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A sports collection decades in the making was stolen from a home in Huntsville. The owner says that the collection was in honor of his dad. 

Juakee Moore says his dad, Horace Moore, is a former Negro League baseball legend in Huntsville. He says his father taught him the value of life and the collection honors his plight to make it to the big leagues. 

When Juakee Moore was 12 years old, a family member in Ohio, who was an avid sports memorabilia collector, invited him to take whatever he wanted. What Juakee picked out from that stash is now valued for a lot of money.  

That collection, however, was stolen from his home in Huntsville. 

Juakee says he thinks the home may have been targeted because the thieves knew exactly what they were looking for when they entered his home. 

“The air conditioner was moved to the side, and it had a hole where you could see out of, and the hole was pushed open, and I said…oh my goodness. They came in through the air conditioner,” said Moore.  

What the thieves stole was considered to be worth millions of dollars on the sports collectors market. Collectible baseball, football and African American history cards of the greats. 

“The Mickey Mantles, the Leroy Satchel Paige and all of my Jackie Robinson cards and Roberto Clemente were stolen from the home. The list can go on and on.” 

But Juakee said the collection was more than about money. 

“I knew that I had something special in my hands and I wanted to cherish all of those years of holding onto them. It was forty-two years of cards just sitting up in an album that was never touched,” said Moore.

Horace Moore had a dream to play major league baseball. However, as a man of color in the late 1940s, he never received that gift. He played for the Negro Leagues, as did Satchel Paige and many other greats. Juakee started collecting sports cards to honor his dad. Back in June, Horace Moore threw out the first ceremonial pitch at a trash panda’s game in honor of the negro leagues. 

“Some of these players I respect because they were classic players,” Juakee tells News 19. “My dad was a classic player also. I really kept those cards because of my dad. He cherished them too and I just felt me and him together were involved with those cards and stuff.” 

Juakee says he spotted his card collection on an online auction called the Aim Higher Foundation in Minnesota. News 19 reached out to that organization, which has not returned our calls.  

Huntsville police are said to be investigating the theft.