(WHNT) — Nearly 45 colleges and universities across Alabama are waiving their application fees for just this week.

Known as Alabama College Application Week, the initiative’s goal is to make it easier financially for high school students to apply to college.

Students will have from Oct. 16-20 to apply to participating colleges for free.

“During this event, local high schools will be hosting special college application celebrations
with students submitting applications to colleges nationwide,” said Alabama College
Application Campaign Coordinator, Dr. Monica P. Mack. “Last year, more than 250
Alabama schools participated and nearly 28,000 students applied to colleges nationwide.”

While a bulk of the schools are in Alabama, several schools in the region have agreed to waive their fees for students looking to head out of state for college totaling over 60 schools Alabama high school students can apply to.

For a full list of schools participating, click here.