WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – Piles of metal and debris still line Boyd Willie Parnell Rd. in Tibbie more than a month after a strong tornado tore through the small community in the early morning hours of November 30th.

“It was very scary. I was scared to death,” said Linda Turner, who watched the storm move over her house.

Dozens of trees were snapped and roofs were peeled away as the twister headed towards Turner’s home. Luckily, the damage to her home was minimal, but weeks later some houses have been torn down. The damage was beyond repair. New homes are already going up as residents focus yet again on another storm system threatening the Gulf Coast.

“When they announced today that there would be storms I was praying oh God please don’t let it happen again. We don’t need anymore trees down or anything,” she explained.

Residents say they’re taking each weather threat seriously now and not taking any chances. Turner says her safe place is her den, away from windows in the inner part of her home. That’s where she plans to be overnight into Wednesday morning, praying severe weather doesn’t strike again.

“I worry about the wind and the trees falling, but I trust God to take care of us and I think he will,” she added.

Some residents say it’ll take months before parts of the Tibbie and Howardtown communities are put back together. They’re just hoping this week’s storms don’t slow down the progress they’re making.