Coming off of Mardi Gras, this might be hard for some locals to believe, but Mobile ranks among the top cities in the nation when it comes to a lack of binge drinking.

The study by shows that 14.7 percent of adults in Mobile “binge drink” -defined as five standard drinks consumed in two hours by a man, or four drinks by a woman. Mobile ranked 275th of the 305 cities examined in the study.

Huntsville ranked 290 with a 14.1 percent rate. Birmingham was 299th. Of the Alabama cities looked at, Tuscaloosa registered the most binge drinkers, 17.1 percent, 164th in the nation. The statewide average was 13.7 percent.

The study did not include Pensacola or Biloxi-Gulfport.

Madison, Wisconsin has the nation’s highest percentage of binge drinkers at 27.4 percent. Four of the top nine binge drinking cities in the USA are in Wisconsin.

Provo, Utah has the lowest percentage of binge drinkers at 9.1 percent.

The national rate is 16.2 percent.

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