COFFEEVILLE, Ala. (WKRG) – It was just after 9 a.m. Tuesday morning when strong storms moved across Coffeeville leaving a trail of damage behind. Part of a home’s roof was torn off as strong winds ripped through Coffeeville.

A home on Ice Plant Road is one of 5 homes that took a hit Tuesday morning, according to Emergency Management Agency Director Roy Waite. We’re told the other homes had minor roof damage. The metal roof of a large barn was also peeled away as the storm raced across Clarke County, leaving wood and metal thrown across properties.

“No injuries have been reported. Everyone I’ve talked to said they heard the warning and knew it was coming and then it was over in a matter of seconds,” said Waite.

Waite tells us an elderly couple was inside the Ice Plant Road home watching severe weather coverage on tv when they knew it was time to take cover.

“They said they were listening to it on the tv and they did know about the warning, they heard the message about there being a tornado debris signature,” he added.

Radar indicating debris signature over Coffeeville Tuesday morning. (WKRG)

He says dozens of large trees were pushed over or completely uprooted as the strong winds targeted Highway 69. Viewers also sent us photos of tree damage near West Bend Road showing just how powerful the winds were. Trees were snapped which made it tough for anyone to navigate.

Mayor Dwight Pugh issued a statement following this morning’s storm:

“This morning Coffeeville and surrounding communities were hit with severe storms. While there were no injuries there was significant damage to some homes and property.  I can’t tell you how thankful we are for the Mayors in our neighboring cities and towns who offered to send help our way. If anyone had damage to homes or property that we do not know about please call town hall 251-276-3266 and let us know. Again thank you to the Mayors of Thomasville, Fulton, Grove Hill, and Jackson. Thank you to Clarke County road and bridge dept.  ALDOT, West Bend/Bethel FD, Clarke County Sheriffs office, Clarke County EMA office, Clarke County E911 dispatchers and there were others as well that offered resources from outside of Clarke County.”

Monroe County also dealt with tree damage Tuesday. Hwy 21 near Monroe Sausage and Scotch Plywood, Hwy 47 North, Grant Blvd and Hwy 41 North were all impacted with tree damage by midday.