MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — As Congress goes back into session, Alabama Sen. Katie Britt spoke with us Friday about some issues impacting the state.

It’s her first interview with us since recovering from a medical episode resulting in facial numbness in late July. Britt says she is doing well and grateful to be back and working.

She’s gearing up for a busy September in the Senate.

“I was able to be home and resting and recovering. I think the bright spot in that is that I got to be there the last two weeks before my kids went back to school so that was kind of the glass-half-full part of it,” Britt said.

Britt returns to Congress with a government shutdown looming at the end of the month if lawmakers can’t come to a funding agreement. Some Republicans have said they won’t support stopgap spending measures if actions aren’t taken on immigration.

“Look, I am keeping all of my options on the table right now because I know that I have to fight for the American people. We are $32 trillion in debt. That’s absolutely unacceptable,” Britt said.

Britt also weighed in on her fellow Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s holds on hundreds of military promotions over the Pentagon’s abortion policy.

Some military officials have said it’s hurting military readiness.

“It is absolutely his prerogative to make these holds. And what I support is putting pressure on Sen. Schumer to bring these to the floor. He’s not doing his job. He’s now playing politics. They’re allowing the politics to be inserted into the Pentagon, and I don’t think that’s acceptable,” Britt said.

When it comes to the ongoing battle over Space Command and the President’s decision to keep it in Colorado, Britt says the fight isn’t over. Congressman Mike Rogers, who chairs the Armed Service Committee, will hold a hearing next week about that issue.

“I think he’s really going to ask some tough questions. He’s going to expose that politics was played in this. And I would encourage everybody to follow his lead on this, and I think it will be back in his rightful place, which is the great state of Alabama,” Britt said.

We also asked Britt about her choice to not endorse a candidate in the Republican presidential primary. She says she took a pledge to stay neutral as part of her role on the RNC’s Advisory Council, even as others on the council have made endorsements.