ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – Rushing water is a problem many East Brewton and Brewton residents are dealing with Wednesday as Murder Creek continues to rise.

“I think this is the fastest it’s ever come in without warning,” said Diane Jones. 

What started as rain Tuesday night quickly became a life-threatening situation as rivers and creeks began spilling into neighborhoods and shopping centers.

“The Piggly Wiggly we believe there’s at least 3 feet of water in there now,” said Sheriff Heath Jackson around 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

The store closed Tuesday night as usual and today employees are waking up to a mess. As of Wednesday afternoon there was still no way for anyone to access the shopping center.

“Six o’clock this morning when she was going to work it was already 2 feet at that time,” said Jones, who has a granddaughter employed at Piggly Wiggly. She tells WKRG News 5 the water began rising so quickly overnight that employees weren’t able to haul anything out of the store in time. 

“It’ll get higher. Ain’t no doubt about it,” an East Brewton resident told us as he watched the rising water. 

WS Neal Elementary School and WS Neal High School were forced to cancel classes Wednesday. The schools will remain closed Thursday. They plan to reopen on Friday.

“We’re hoping that the rain is going to stop so we can get some of this water to start getting out of here and we can start getting into these businesses that have taken on water to see what we can do to help them,” said Sheriff Jackson. 

The Brewton PCA Rodeo scheduled for this weekend is canceled because of all the water at the rodeo site.