THOMASVILLE, Ala. (WKRG) – It was a quiet Monday on the campus of Thomasville Elementary School

“We just didn’t feel that we could safely keep Thomasville Elementary open so we transitioned to virtual instruction today,” said Superintendent Garth Moss.

Superintendent Moss says last week over 100 students were out of class for a number of reasons, some testing positive for COVID-19.

“Our positive numbers were running like 10 to 15 kids. We had another 60 that had to self isolate because of contact and then we had 50 kids that were just out of school and when we started to call on some of those kids done were exhibiting symptoms,” he said.

To keep students and faculty safe he decided to close the school and send laptops home with everyone last Friday. Now, for the next two weeks Thomasville Elementary will receive extra cleaning starting today. 

“It’s not like we don’t clean every day, but they’ll give it an extra dose while there’s no kids in the building to make sure everything is spic and span,” Moss added.

Thomasville Middle School and Thomasville High School are sticking to their normal schedules right now, but Moss says the administration is prepared if they need to go virtual at some point this year.

“We feel pretty good right now with our numbers, but that could change,” Superintendent Moss continued.

Students in all three city schools are required to mask up on campus. The administration meets daily so they can implement any changes quickly when needed. 

Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day announced Monday that city buildings will limit visitors to one person at a time in reception areas while the surge in COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Like Thomasville Elementary School, several churches have also gone virtual starting this week. 

Mayor Day reports there have been dozens of new cases in the city since Friday.