ALABAMA (WKRG) — The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Marine Resources Division announced Thursday red snapper harvest season will open to private and state-licensed anglers on Friday, May 26, according to a release from Outdoor Alabama.

The season will include for four-day weekends. It will be Friday through Monday beginning the 26th and “continue until the private angler quota is projected to be met.”

This season only applies to private recreational vessels and state-licensed Alabama commercial party boats that “do not hold federal for-hire fishing permits.”

The season for anglers fishing on “federally-permitted for-hire” vessels will be announced at a later date, according to the release.

“Even with the changes in the Alabama quota, we anticipate having a great red snapper season in 2023. The 2022 season lasted until the end of the year with landings similar to the quota we received this year”, said DCNR Commissioner Chris Blankenship. “We are still pursuing other options to increase the quota. Anglers should have ample opportunities to enjoy our great red snapper resources off the Alabama coast.”

You can stay up to date with snappers caught throughout the season using Snapper Check on The quota for 2023 was set by NOAA Fisheries at 558,200 pounds.

Last year, the season was extended due to anglers not reaching the quota. High gas prices and severe weather can be blamed for that. WKRG spoke with Scott Bannon, director of ADCNR in August 2022.

Rules to remember: