With less than two weeks to go to the Alabama Primary election, almost a third of Republicans say they haven’t decided which congressional candidate they will vote for, according to a News 5/Strategy Research poll.

The Republican race seems likely to be decided on March 3.

“These numbers show it’s going to a runoff,” said Jon Gray of Strategy.

Mobile County Commissioner Jerry Carl leads the race with 29-percent, followed by former State Senator Bill Hightower with 21-percent and State Rep. Chris Pringle with 13-percent. 32-percent, however, say they are undecided.

Gray says the front-runners, foreseeing a runoff, have held back on advertising, and that’s led to a high number of undecided voters.

“There are a lot of undecided because the voters haven’t seen so much about these candidates,” Gray said.

Gray says Carl will be pleased to be running first, but Hightower is well-positioned.

“Hightower had the most name ID to start the race because he ran for governor in 2018,” Gray said. “But now we’re past name ID. Jerry Carl has spent more money on television and that’s winning over voters.”

Pringle has raised less money but is just eight points behind Hightower. Gray says he shouldn’t be counted out.

“Eight points is nothing,” he said. “Pringle could absolutely close this gap. He’s run a good race. He’s not out.”

Two candidates from Baldwin County polled only in the low single digits: John Castorani with three-percent and Wes Lambert with two-percent.

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News 5 and Strategy Research polled 2,000 people who stated they plan to vote in the primary. The poll was conducted by telephone Monday, Feb. 17. It has a margin of error of three-percent.

The Alabama Primary is Tuesday March 3. The runoff, if necessary, would be March 31.