MONROEVILLE, Ala. (WKRG) – A loaded pistol was in the hands of a second grader Monday afternoon at Monroeville Elementary School, according to Superintendent Greg Shehan.

“This could’ve turned out a much worse scenario. I don’t think there was an intention there, but whether there’s intention or not a loaded weapon can still go off at any time,” he explained.

Superintendent Shehan says the child showed the weapon to another student while leaving campus as the two headed towards a school bus. That student immediately told his parents about the incident and by Tuesday school officials began questioning the child. Shehan says the child told administrators the gun was back home, but he later told his mom that wasn’t true.

“The parent contacted the school and said that they could not find the gun and that the child had admitted he had hid the gun on campus,” Shehan said.

According to the superintendent, the student stashed the gun in a classroom and luckily no one else found the weapon first. “We just thank God for his grace and mercy of protection there because that’s what was provided,” said Shehan.

Now, he’s urging parents to talk with students and remind them that if they see something to say something. He says situations like this can be prevented.

“If you have loaded weapons or if you have guns I beg you to lock those up where our students can’t get to them,” he continued.

The student now faces disciplinary action and the child’s mom is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.