OZARK, Ala (WDHN) — Shortly after one woman was released from jail, she and another Ozark woman sought revenge against a backup officer who had been on the scene of her arrest just two hours earlier, police say.

According to police, T’kia Williams, 24, and Chazlin Williams, 27, were stopped by Ozark police on a traffic infraction around 2:00 a.m. when an officer discovered T’Kia Williams had an outstanding warrant and arrested her.

At approximately 3:58 a.m., T’Kia Williams had bonded out of the Dale County Jail. Soon after being released, police say the two women found the backup officer in the original arrest and attempted to run him down with their vehicle, nearly striking him at a high speed.

According to police, T’kia and Chazlin Williams then got out and began threatening the officer while hitting his vehicle with their hands, then got back in the vehicle and drove off. Minutes later, police say they found Chazlin Williams in the vehicle with three children in the back seat. Police say T’kia Williams had managed to walk away, but was found the next morning in Brundidge, AL.
Police interviewed both women, after which T’Kia and Chazlin Williams were arrested and charged with:

-Intimidating a witness

-Reckless endangerment

-Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing the peace