MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — If you’re not from Yellowhammer state, there may be a few things you’ve noticed that seem strange. And you’re not alone.

WKRG asked our viewers on Facebook to see what people thought of the state. Here’s what viewers said were some of the strangest things they’ve experienced since their move to Alabama:

Traffic complaints

A lot of commenters had complaints about Alabama traffic. From not knowing (or following) the rules of the road to driving too slow, commenters didn’t think much of their fellow Alabama drivers.

  • “Terrible drivers, they cannot merge correctly. The service roads in Mobile are the biggest circus ever!”
  • “The way people have no problem running red lights. It still blows my mind after all these years. Also, the way people turn right out of the left lane. That’s not something that happens in other places that I’ve lived.”
  • “For a place that gets a lot of rain, people don’t seem to be able to drive in it.”
  • “How many accidents a day there are. It’s insane. One after another. Also, people just don’t know how to drive. So that explains all the accidents.”
  • “If you never had driving anger before moving down here, you most certainly will get it quickly down here! And the very very very slow drivers in the left lane driving equal to the person that is in next lane at same speed so that no one can get around, and roundabouts!”

Back up! Do Alabamians give each other enough personal space?

Many of our commenters didn’t think so.

  • “Lack of personal space. When in line at the gas station, grocery store, etc people want to stand right up on you.”
  • “Not enough personal space everybody feels like they’re on top of you in your personal space”

What’s with all the lovebugs?

September often brings swarms of this march fly. Plecia nearctica is common across the Gulf Coast, and they can create quite a mess when you drive through patches of the invasive species.

  • “Love bugs!!! Flying around stuck together. So weird!”
  • “Those stupid Luvbugs don’t exist where I moved from.”
  • “Have seen lots of strange things since moving here 16 years ago, but the weirdest thing was love bugs.”

No drive-through daiquiri shops

First popping up in Louisiana in the early 1980s, drive-thru daiquiri shops may be popular in the Pelican State, but you’re not going to find them further down the Gulf Coast in Alabama.

  • “That there are no drive-through daiquiri shops”
  • “We have been here several years know, but on one of my first outings my husband was driving to show me major streets and roads. The first this I wanted to know was ‘Where are all the drive threw DAIQUIRI shops at?”

Alabama taxes

Floridians moving west to Alabama could be in for a shock come tax season. Alabama, like most states, does have a state income tax, which can range from 2 to 5 percent, depending on your income. Alabama is also one of seven states to levy their full sales tax on food.

  • “Taxes on clothing or necessities to live. In PA, all tax-free.”
  • “Taxes on essential foods.”

It’s no secret that inflation has affected families all across the nation. In March 2022, Alabama Republican representatives said they thought it was a great time to repeal the grocery tax. “As groceries keep on getting more expensive, there’s never been a time more than now that we probably need to think about this,” Alabama Policy Institute Director of Policy Analysis Parker Snider said.

Mardi Gras

Ask anyone from Mobile and they’ll tell you — Mardi Gras started in Alabama. Carnival season on the Gulf Coast spans three weeks of parades and balls. In Mobile County, many students even have the week of Fat Tuesday off from school.

  • “When I moved here several years ago, it was that kids got out of school for Mardi Gras!!!”
  • “Every single parade, Mardi Gras and otherwise, throws things at the audience.”
  • “Mardi Gras open houses, the party before the party!!! Here, let’s just hang out and drink and look at the same floats from last year!!! And it’s awesome!!!”

College football is king

It’s all about college football in the south, and Alabama boast two premier SEC teams, the Crimson Tide of Alabama and the Auburn Tigers. And fans go hard come football season.

  • “Every sentence ends with roll tide.”
  • “Alabama Fans lol”

Would you move here?

Sure, we saw a lot of complaints in the comments section. But we also saw a ton of positive responses. One commenter said, “The Mosquito 🦟 is the state bird, it is hot and humid more than it’s not, it rains A LOT more than most like. But I ❤️ Mobile and it’s people.”

To read all of the comments, check out our Facebook post.