NRA responds to gun permit legislation introduced in Alabama

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A man carries a semi-automatic pistol, tucked in a holster inside his right waistband, while he waits in line to purchase groceries at a Safeway grocery store in Alexandria, Va., Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015. Open Carry is legal in most places in Virginia, with or without a Concealed Handgun Permit. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WKRG) — Today, the NRA is responding to gun permit legislation introduced in Alabama. A statement from the NRA reads,
“The NRA strongly supports this streamlined permitting process. Not only would it bring much-needed 21st century technology to Alabama’s antiquated system, but it would be the first time law-abiding Alabamians were given the option for a lifetime concealed carry permit.”  – Art Thomm, NRA Alabama State Director 

According to a press release, Senator Randy Price (R-Opelika) and Representative Proncey Robertson (R-Mt. Hope) pre-filed a bill that would establish a cohesive and statewide management level process for administering and managing concealed weapons permits in the state of Alabama.

Alabama is a “shall-issue” state, and currently, the application process and managing of applicants is different county by county. This legislation would create a streamlined process of standards for Sheriff Departments to implement and will be monitored by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).

This bill creates a cohesive standard for background checks and will bring 21st-century technology to Sheriff’s departments and other law enforcement agencies across the state. Sheriff departments will now have access to electronic information that all levels of law enforcement will have access to. It will also require municipalities to start reporting those that are convicted of domestic violence as well as Probate Judges to begin reporting individuals that have been involuntarily committed. Applicants will also now have the option to apply for a concealed weapons permit for one year, five years or a lifetime permit. 

“As a retired police officer I know firsthand what law enforcement officials face on a daily basis.  The more information that can be provided is best for all parties. The concealed weapons permit process is a valuable tool to help citizens and law enforcement work together to protect our communities. I am a strong advocate for our 2nd Amendment rights and this will ease the current burden being placed on our law-abiding citizens and put more pressure on those who are “Firearms Prohibited” to follow the law. It will create a standard and transparency in our state,” said Representative Robertson. 

“I am for protecting our gun rights while demanding accountability. Every day our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect and serve our cities, counties, and communities. This bill will offer additional safety and information for them to more effectively do their job. As a responsible gun owner, I believe having this new information and a reliable concealed weapons permit process supports the safety both of our citizens and law enforcement without infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights,” said Senator Price.

In the State of Alabama, it is a Class A Misdemeanor to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.


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