DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Mike Durant, a businessman and former prisoner of war has battled criticism from his opponents recently for not committing to debates.

There have been six senate forums, Rep. Mo Brooks and Katie Britt have both attended — Durant has only attended one in November.

“We have no issue with a debate it’s just getting it scheduled,” Durant said. “Right now, my priority is getting out and meeting with voters like I did today and get good feedback you understand what’s important to the Alabama voters but we’re open to debates.”

Durant said especially if there is a runoff situation. The latest polling shows Durant leading the senate race with 33% – a ten percent lead over Katie Britt and Mo Brooks is in third place.

“We’re trying to maintain the high ground and I think people appreciate that,” He said. “We’re not slinging mud we’re just talking about what I bring to this role and not what others don’t.”

Not only is he the front runner in the senate race — he leads in fundraising – his campaign has reached $7.3 million with over 6 million coming from himself since he’s not a career politician but a businessman.

“There’s probably some things that should change about how policies are done in the country because you have to dump a lot of money in it and that can influence races,” Durant said.

Durant highlighted during his speech if elected, he wants to fight inflation, secure the southern border, energy independence, and strengthen the military.

“All of the aerospace will benefit from someone like me I have supported the military as a veteran, combat veteran, and civilian,” He added.

The Republican Primary is May 24th.