Low-cost prescription medicine offered at Foley pharmacy

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FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — It doesn’t sound like a successful business plan; how much can you help, instead of how much can you make. But that’s what a local pharmacy is trying to do.

“We’ve had patients that were choosing between rent, food, and medicine. They couldn’t do all three in a month.” Hard choices that got pharmacist Jeff Hoover at Purelife and his staff thinking. “The true price of medicine is much lower than they think. It’s lower than the co-payment. It’s lower than what you can buy when you go in and insurances are setting these prices,” Hoover said.

So, he canceled his contracts with insurance companies, started buying generic drugs directly from the wholesaler, and cut the cost to patients by as much as 80 percent. “If I get it for three dollars, I’ll sell it to you for five and a lot of time we sell three months of supplies. The majority of the medicine is about ten dollars for three months,” Hoover said. It’s the same drugs the major chains are dispensing. “We want to do it with a helping heart and that is what our pharmacy is set up for.”

Purelife is a compounding pharmacy, they make medicine and that’s what pays the bills. Offering the generic medication for five or ten dollars he says, is a way to give back. “Now, with what’s happening with people losing their jobs every dime matters. If we can save you money, we want to do that. There is a morality to medicine,” Hoover said.


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