HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Brittany Corbitt was killed on February 17 in Newville and investigators say there are five suspects to blame.

In Tuesday’s preliminary hearing, investigators say that there were hard feelings between Brittany Corbitt, Isaiah Clyburn, and Farraeia Norton because there had been an argument between Corbitt and her girlfriend at the time, who had also been intimate with Corbitt.

Photo of Brittany Corbitt

Corbitt attempted to confront Norton and Clyburn but was not able to because they had the door locked and were ignoring her.

Photo of four of the five suspects police say were involved in the murder of Brittany Corbitt

Investigators say Clyburn then called Austin Daniels who was in Dothan to come and bring weapons, and along the way, Daniels picked up Sharif Moore.

Witnesses say that night Jayden Thomas who was in the victim’s car with four other people called Clyburn to let them know that they are headed down Ozark Road. That’s when the suspect’s car saw them and followed them down the road. This caused the victim’s car to pull off past Corbitt’s father’s house. That’s when the car pulled off into a ditch and when the car backed up and was put in the park the suspect’s car opened fire on the victim’s car.

Investigators say Clyburn and Moore were the two holding the weapons.

Investigators say two bullets hit Corbitt. Two other victims were also hit by bullets but suffered non-life-threatening injuries

In an interview with the suspect, Thomas was apparently told to put her head down during the shooting.

Daniel’s attorney is trying to take all blame off of Daniels and that he has cooperated with authorities since the beginning.

Moore’s attorneys are trying to claim that Moore was not in the car shooting and that the only people who could verify he was there that night are Isaiah Clyburn and Austin Daniels.

All five suspects are currently facing charges of capital murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and multiple counts of attempted murder.

A couple of the suspects also face a charge of murder as well.

Corbitt’s family members were in attendance and one of the shirts they were wearing read “fly high Brittany,” as they are seeking justice for their family member.