LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Governor Kay Ivey is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case of a missing Lauderdale County man.

Bradley Eugene “Bubba” Lard has been missing since March 1, 2019. He disappeared shortly before his 40th birthday. He had last been seen in Cloverdale, just north of Florence.

Sergeant Matt Horton with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) tells News 19 that they are hopeful the renewed attention to Bradley’s story and bringing it “back to the forefront” will generate new tips.

“It’s never been a cold case for us, [Bradley’s case] has always been an active investigation,” Horton said. “Any tips we get, we welcome those, we want those to keep coming.”

Detectives with the LCSO at the time said Lard had nothing with him that they could track. No cellphone, credit card, or even a bank account.

“It’s really hard tough when you have an individual who didn’t have a cellphone…didn’t have a credit card,” explained Horton. “I have no way to actually physically track him as a person.”

Investigators say there were conflicting reports of where he was last seen. Though one of the most promising was that he may have been near the intersection of Alabama 157 and County Road 10 in the Cloverdale community.

“So, if you take some the statements we have, he was at a residence in Cloverdale,” Horton said. “We have numerous witnesses that say yes he was there, and that the next thing they know he was just kind of gone.”

Lard walked almost everywhere he went, even at night. Horton at the time said it wasn’t unusual for Lard to walk great distances, but what alerted family and friends was that he never went a day without talking to them.

In the press release from Governor Ivey’s office, law enforcement does suspect that foul play is involved.

Bradley’s family, meanwhile, hasn’t given up hope that someone knows what happened to him. A Facebook group was created to keep his memory alive and as a way for anyone who might know something to submit a tip.

If you have any information which could help locate Lard or will help the investigation, contact the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office at 256-760-5757.