FLOMATON, Ala. (WKRG) — A Flomaton employee fired for allegedly stealing edging blades and copper tubing.

Travis Owens was arrested after officials with Flomaton Public Works noticed he was participating in “irregular and suspicious activity” at work.

Flomaton Police were called after a bag filled with copper wire was found at a water tower off Highway 31. Officers then reviewed security footage, which showed Owens picking up the bag, loading it into his work vehicle and driving it to the tower.

Once the bag had been found, officers rigged the areas with wireless cameras to see who would come pick up the bag. Owens drove back to the water tower after work and grabbed the bag. Drone video showed Owens putting the bag in his vehicle and driving away. 

Officers then pulled Owens over and arrested him after he was found with edging blades and copper tubing. Owens was charged with:

  • Theft of Property in the Third Degree
  • Two Counts of the Theft of Property in the Fourth Degree
  • Ethics Commission Violation

Investigators learned that Owens had also stolen copper tubing the day before he was arrested.