FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — After decades and thousands of miles between them, a mother and daughter are reunited. The mom, Jean Phillips, gave up her daughter, Jennifer Phillips, for adoption when Jean was just fifteen years old. WKRG was there as the two met each other forty-two years later.

“For 42 years I’ve been lost. For 42 years I’ve been lost. Now I am found,” Jean said.

“To know this has given her closure and just helping her heart be at peace made my soul happy,” Jennifer said.

Jean Phillips gave birth when she was a teenager. She says she didn’t know she was pregnant. According to her, a family member made her give her baby up for adoption. Phillips went through an adoption agency in Pensacola.

“She has the same hands she had as a little baby. I used to hold her finger. Her hands are just as they were when they took her away. She has the same everything,” Jean said.

Jennifer Phillips was adopted by a family in Idaho. (Coincidentally, she married a man with the last name Phillips.) She says she had a happy life with her adoptive family, however, she always wondered about her birth mother.

“I remember looking around thinking, ‘Could she be my mother?’ Just thinking there is someone else in this world that I look like,” Jennifer said.

Over the past ten years, the women have searched for one another. They finally made the connection through a Pensacola adoption agency and decided to reunite at the Fairhope Pier. WKRG could hear Jean say over and over again, “That’s my baby,” as she walked toward her “little girl.” The two hugged for what seemed like 15 minutes. Jennifer also brought her children and husband so her kids could meet their biological grandmother.

Jennifer, and her family, plus Jean.

“It’s real, like a full circle, and I see her now, she’s beautiful. We are so connected,” Jean said.

The two shared photographs so they could catch up on time lost through the years.

Jean is planning a trip to Idaho. They know that while they have missed many years, this is the beginning of a special relationship.