CLANTON, Ala. (WKRG) — A small earthquake was reported overnight in Clanton, a small town in central Alabama.

The earthquake was reported as a 3.1 magnitude quake by the U.S. Geological Survey and occurred at about 12:20 a.m. It was about six miles southwest of Maplesville and was at a depth of about 5.5 miles.

“A little after 12 a.m. last night I heard a very loud roaring sound, almost like thunder,” said Emily Burkhalter, a Clanton County resident. “Items in my house started to shake a little and I heard things fall to the floor in the living room.”

Burkhalter also said that the experience was confusing and a little creepy. She said this morning that a stocking had fallen off the mantle, but other than that she saw no damage.

Forrest Johnson, a resident of Clanton, received an alert from the Android Earthquake Alerts System that said there was some shaking in the area.

“I had went to bed and was just about asleep when I heard the glass rattling on an antique oil lamp in my room, and the bed started shaking! I thought the oil lamps were going to hit the floor and bust; It was very loud almost like a train,” said Johnson. “I know they have [earthquakes] in other places but for us in Clanton that was a shock because the majority of us have never felt something quite like that.”

WKRG also talked with workers at the Chevron in Maplesville who said there was no damage to their store. One worker said most people in the county didn’t know it happened.