COFFEEVILLE, Ala. (WKRG) – WKRG News 5 was on the air as strong storms pushed across Coffeeville Tuesday morning around 9 a.m.

“John Nodar had told us to keep our eyes open and watching. We saw the twisting up in the air and heard the racquet,” said Clyde Young, Sr.

It was a tornado-warned storm moving right over the couple’s Coffeeville home and they had no time to react.

“He went to the back door and I went to the front door and we saw the trees going round and round and round. He said hold on it’s fixing to come, but before we could turn and go back in the house that suction it had me pulling outwards but I was holding on to the frame thinking Lord am I going to get back in the house and then all of a sudden the trees started going to the ground, the wind got worse and it just let go of me and I run back in the house,” said Patricia Young.

Part of their roof was completely ripped away. We showed you photos of their home Tuesday right after the storm hit. Just through the woods another resident watched as strong winds tore across her yard, tossing metal roofing into trees.

“I was scared, praying, hoping the good Lord kept us safe,” said Daisy Dunigan.

EMA Director Roy Waite was back out assessing the damage Wednesday. He points out a large path about a half mile wide and 7 miles long starting near West Bend Road where strong winds snapped and uprooted dozens of trees.

“I got a phone call from the NWS in Mobile that said hey heads up we have a very strong tornado debris signature on radar and we feel pretty certain this one’s on the ground,” said Waite.

The National Weather Service in Mobile will determine the storm’s strength Thursday when they officially assess the damage. Waite says he has no doubt it was a tornado that touched down. For now, one thing is certain. Even with the property damage, things could’ve been much worse.

“The good Lord blessed us, didn’t nobody get hurt, so that was a good thing,” added Clyde.

Officials also plan to survey the damage Thursday by helicopter.