CLARKE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — In rural Clarke County life has been anything but normal lately for dozens of families.

“We’re left in the dark. There’s nothing we can do but sit here and talk to you and hope we get some results,” said Harold Agee.

Most of us rely on our cell phone for communication, but in rural parts of Clarke County cell service is spotty and landlines are the only lifeline for resident.

“Without a landline we’re lost. No communication with your family, no communication with your neighbors or anything,” said Doris Agee.

Since June 5th AT&T phone lines have been out on Tallahatta Springs Rd west of Thomasville. For residents like Doris and her 85-year-old husband Harold that means no help if there’s an emergency.

“We’ve had to have the ambulance pick him up before and if we didn’t have a telephone or landline we would’ve had to get him to the car and by the time we got him into town we don’t know what would’ve happened,” she explained.

It’s a constant problem in this community with outages happening every couple of months for days at a time. Dozens of residents are affected and most living here are elderly relying on service.

“We had an incident across the street where a young man over there was having a heart attack. His wife is home bound. He would have died if they had not had phones,” Doris added.

These residents want a permanent fix and say they’re tired of the constant outages. We’ve reached out to AT&T for answers. Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day says he’s also looking to the company for a solution, but so far there’s been no immediate help. Mayor Day contacts AT&at each time there’s an outage, but there’s no word on what a permanent solution would be at this time.