GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) Monday at the beach, fewer beachgoers but for the next two weeks no matter what day it is or what beach in Alabama, there are rules everyone has to obey to stay out of trouble and for the beaches to stay open.

“We were here Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today and I think we did a great job,” said Sarah Roberts setting up for another day at the beach in Gulf Shores.

“Everybody was spread out and looked like they were having a good time,” added Joan Burke. “I didn’t see any problems at all.”

The weekend crowds larger than most this time of year. Signs posted on the beach and boardwalk reminded them to stay six feet apart. “They were actually farther than six feet apart,” said Tom Addison of Gulf Shores. “They were scattered out like they are here today. It was pretty cool but it was three times as many people, four times.”

The other big rule—no groups of 10 or more people. “The police stayed up and down the beach, they stopped and talked to people, spread people out that was too close or not family,” said Roberts.

“We personally haven’t been super concerned this whole time,” said Tiffany Givens visiting from Tennessee. “We haven’t been wearing masks. We’ve just been doing our own thing. We’re ready to get things going and open up.”

Re-opening the beaches maybe a good first step.

“It really was a surprise, that everybody did what they were supposed to,” added Addison.