WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – The landscape is forever changed on Boyd Willie Parnell Road. A home we showed you last week is torn down this week. All that’s left of it are piles of metal.

Last week’s tornado ripped apart homes in its path. The family tells me the damage was too extensive for repairs. They cleared the land and plan to rebuild where their home once stood.

Residents say two more homes in the Tibbie community will also be demolished after the twister peeled back roofs, compromising walls and ruining everything inside. The homeowners are starting over with the help of neighbors and family closeby.

Some residents told us Wednesday they’re still waiting to hear back on insurance claims. One resident says a tree fell across her home and her car. A week later, she’s without both while she patiently waits for help.

Sheets of metal are still high up in trees, but luckily Boyd Willie Parnell Road is clear of debris. The Tibbie and Howardtown communities were hit the hardest, but places like Fruitdale are still cleaning up, too.

Students are back on campus Wednesday at Fruitdale High School where the tornado first left its mark last Wednesday morning before it intensified to an EF-3 tornado between Fruitdale and Tibbie. It’ll still be weeks before piles of limbs and other debris are hauled off.