DALEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — Bridgett Markoff wiped away tears as she recalls a horrific Monday evening when she got the news online that her childhood friend, Gracie Rivera died in a car crash.

“Really hard to believe even still now I don’t wanna believe it I wanna be able to wake up, see her face anything ya know,” Markoff said.

The crash happened at the intersection of Alabama Highway 27 and Dale County Road 34.

According to Alabama State Troopers, Rivera was the passenger on a motorcycle that hit another car ejecting Rivera and the driver from the bike.

Then after the first wreck, moments later Rivera was hit by an SUV at the same intersection where she was pronounced dead.

“It’s scary to think how fast it happened and it’s hard to not think about how scared she was in that last second,” She said.

The driver is in critical condition. Markoff says she doesn’t know the driver personally but she’s heard about him but she hopes he overcomes his injuries.

“I know he liked to drive fast for what I understand I know he survived and was airlifted somewhere I just hope he recovers I don’t wish death on anyone,” She said.

Markoff describes Rivera as the life of the party. She lit up the room with the best laugh she’s ever heard, was a sweet and caring person, and was completely honest with the truth whether you liked it or not.

As for Markoff and Rivera, their friendship has been distant for two years, and now with the tragedy is making her wish she reconnected much sooner.

“Can’t take life for granted if you are thinking about someone no matter what happens in life you don’t know if you will get a second chance life is just too short,” She added.