ALABAMA (WDHN) — On the first day of the Alabama legislature, a bill that would ban even holding a cell phone while driving is making headway.

The proposed House Bill 8, sponsored by Representative Randy Wood, would make it illegal for someone to view something on the phone, record with a phone, or even hold the phone while driving.

According to, no one on the Public Safety Committee in the Alabama House of Representatives opposed the bill and it won approval.

In Alabama, it is already illegal to text and drive.

Under current state law, a conviction for texting a driving is a two-point violation on a person’s driving record, but, if passed, the bill would make it so that on a third or subsequent conviction, a person would receive a three-point violation on the record.

The bill does not prohibit the use of hands-free and Bluetooth devices.

House Bill 8 could be up for consideration and a vote in the full House as early as Thursday, March 23.