Ala. (WKRG) — A new Mysterious liver illness seen in kids. Health officials in several countries are investigating cases of severe liver disease in children, and they think it may be related to a kind of virus usually associated with colds.

A bizarre occurrence, specifically here in Alabama. None of our local hospitals or the MCHD could specifically say if our area saw one of the 9 cases in our state.

But where is this coming from? There are a few theories. Alabama health officials say they have been looking into an increase in hepatitis in children since late last year. In each case, the child tested positive for adenovirus. Doctor Nina Johnson a pediatrician with Infirmary Health says there is a link to one version of adenovirus 41. “as we know through covid there are different subsets of that same virus, and so 41 has been the one shown to cause liver failure in children and usually what you’ll see is a lot of extreme fatigue, some vomiting and diarrhea, yellowing of the eyes, skin, sometimes itching all over for no apparent reason.” Johnson said.

But, there are dozens of adenoviruses though, the majority do not have last effects or life-changing symptoms. So, it’s not something you should be concerned about as a parent.”It’s very highly unlikely that if your child gets adenovirus your child will get liver failure, it’s a very common virus and causes common cold-like symptoms.”

But it is on local pediatricians’ minds and something they’ll be watching for as we gain more information into this mystery illness “That is something concerning and something that we will be watching for, but something I don’t expect to be on the rise.” Johnson said.

While reports are only in the UK and Alabama right now, the WHO believes more cases will show up in other states in the coming days.