AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – We are learning more about Thursday’s police chase that ended in a crash in front of East Samford Middle School in Auburn. We can confirm the chase and crash are connected to an elder fraud investigation encompassing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

According to detention records Dhrumilkumar Vyas, 24, was arrested Thursday, September 14, and charged with allegedly trying to Elude a Police Officer. Investigators say in Vyas’ attempt to get away from police, he hit several vehicles before crashing in front of the school along East Samford Ave and was taken into custody.  Thankfully no one was injured during the chase and crash.

Suspect’s vehicle being searched after Thursday’s chase and crash.

Anshul Kumar, 20, was also arrested Thursday and charged with alleged Financial Exploitation of the Elderly. We are told Kumar’s arrest is related to Vyas’ arrest. 

We do expect Auburn Police will release additional details involving the undercover operation and subsequent arrests later Friday.

WRBL will keep you updated.