Alabama teen drivers 8th riskiest in nation

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Almost half of Alabama teens text and drive

(WKRG) — Alabama teens are among the nation’s riskiest teenaged drivers, according to a new study.

The report by CoPilot indicates Alabama teens are the eighth riskiest drivers in the nation. According to the study, 9.6-percent of Alabama teen drivers don’t wear a seatbelt, compared to 6.5-percent nationally, and 44.4-percent of Alabama teens text and drive, compared to 39.0-percent nationally. Alabama teens fare better than the national average for drinking and driving, 4.8-percent compared to 5.4-percent.

Teens are the riskiest group on the road. According to the CDC, the risk of a fatal crash is three times higher per mile driven for drivers aged 16 to 19 than for drivers aged 20 and up. Risks are particularly high for male drivers, drivers with other teenage passengers, and teens who are in the first few months after receiving their license.

The data also shows that female teen drivers are more likely to engage in distracted driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, distracted driving includes texting or talking on the phone, eating and drinking, talking to other passengers, and any other activity that diverts attention from the road.

Mississippi teens are the 7th riskiest and Florida’s 13th, according to the study.

South Dakota’s teen drivers are the riskiest.

See the full report here

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