SAMSON, Ala. (WDHN) — Martin Pop Chub is accused of stabbing a man in Samson Saturday night and police say the argument started over a beer.

Martin Pop Chub

“Asked for a beer and they were saying, ‘What are you doing coming over here getting a free beer?’ to that degree and the argument ensued,” Samson Police Chief Jimmy Hill said.

The alleged stabbing took place in the 500 block of South Bay Street in Samson.

What started as a verbal argument turned into a fistfight

“The offender was undoubtedly losing the fight and he admitted under an interview that he just reached around and stabbed the guy,” Chief Hill said.

The knife allegedly used by Martin Pop Chub to stab the other man was found in the pocket of chub with blood on it.

The alleged weapon used in the stabbing

Police say after the stabbing Chub was trying to get out of town.

After using informants, Samson Police were able to make contact with him and arrest him nearly 3 hours after the incident.

Chub, according to police is in the country without documentation and when immigration was contacted, there was no record of Chub entering the United States.

The area of Samson where the alleged stabbing took place has a large Hispanic community.

Chief hill says that Saturday night’s incident did create a language barrier issue for his officers,

“We do the best we can to get interpreters to the area,” Chief Hill said. “It does cause a lot of issues for us and safety issues also, but luckily on this particular one everything turned out ok for us.”

The victim is currently at Southeast Health where he is recovering from a collapsed lung and currently has a chest tube in.

Chub is currently in the Geneva County Jail facing first-degree assault charges, but depending on the condition of the victim. The charges on Chub could change.