MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama Driver License Offices reopened Tuesday after a weeklong closure to implement a new online system, called LEADS.

Those with ALEA say LEADS should save Alabamians time to get their license, but they’re asking for patience as there may be some kinks in the rollout.

Driver License Manager Val Jernigan says the upgrade makes her job easier.

“This has brought us into the 21st century and is moving us where we’ll be more customer friendly,” Jernigan said.

But the implementation has faced some roadblocks in at least two counties. In a Facebook post by Marion County Probate Judge Paige Vick, she says the equipment was not working, and that they’re in line to get any glitches resolved.

Chilton County Probate Judge Jason Calhoun also posted that their system was down Wednesday as the state is still “working the kinks out.”

ALEA Sgt. Jeremy Burkett says it’s part of the process of updating a system that hasn’t been changed in nearly two decades.

“It’s a new system. We just ask for everybody, especially this week and next week as everybody gets to rolling with this, maybe just a little bit of patience, and we’re just so thankful for that,” Burkett said.

LEADS allows you to apply for your license online before showing up to the office. You can also renew or replace your license through the site, update emergency contact information and even review your driver record.

While many of the features still require going to an office, some situations, like reinstating a license, Burkett says can be taken care of through the website.