NEWTON, Ala. (WDHN) — A Troy couple is in the Dale County Jail after allegedly assaulting a police officer.

A Newton police officer received a complaint about a drunk driver and stopped a car that matched the description and was owned by Danny Chestnut.

According to police, Chestnut was questioned by the officer, and then the woman with him, Candice Allen, intervened and the conversation turned into an argument.

During the argument, the officer called in the Dale County Sheriff’s Office for backup.

Words were exchanged and the officer attempted to arrest Allen.

Police say while the officer was turned away, Chestnut put his arms around the officer and slung him up against a car.

The officer sustained an injury to his shoulder but recovered and arrested Chestnut.

Allen, during this time, tried to pull the officer off of Chestnut and grabbed the officer’s radio, according to police.

Dale county Sheriff’s Deputies arrived and were able to arrest Allen.

Chestnut, 42, of Troy and Allen, 34, of Troy was arrested Saturday night in Newton.

Both are charged with assault 2nd degree and resisting arrest.

Allen also faces a count of obstructing governmental operations.