MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall says as many as two thousand inmates in prison across Alabama received more than $2m in stimulus money—and confirmed inmates were eligible for all three rounds of the stimulus checks.

“Certain inmates are eligible that are in our Department of Corrections to be able to receive one of those stimulus checks,” said Marshall. “And we think that’s money that should go to victims, not to inmates who have not been financially impacted at all by the pandemic.”

The eligibility requirements for the stimulus payouts were left broad under the CARES Act, in order to get checks out to people quickly. But not all inmates are eligible for the payments. Under the law, they must be U.S. citizens or legal residents, have filed a recent tax return, or filled out an IRS form to request the payment.

Still, Marshall says he’s working through what he called a significant amount of paperwork and getting cooperation from the Department of Corrections to redirect the stimulus money.

“And also with local district attorneys in being able to identify how much restitution is owed by those individual inmates, and so I think there’s been a very much collaborative effort because we believe strongly that victims ought to be entitled to this money and we want to make sure we get as much for them as we can,” Marshall said.