BIRMINGHAM Ala. (WIAT) — The investigation continues for a fiery exhibition driving crash that left 13 injured and nine of them in critical condition.

It was on John Rogers Drive where a witness tells CBS42 a red charger was doing donuts when it lost control and crashed.

This isn’t Birmingham’s first exhibition driving crash that had serious injuries this year, and city leaders say enough is enough.

Spectators gathered on Friday evening to watch drivers partake in speed racing, donuts and burnouts.

“We saw a red charger doing some donuts and everything, and people racing, and then just out of nowhere the charger lost complete control,” said Drake, a witness who saw the crash right before his own eyes. “It slammed into a car right here which put all the rest of the vehicles down the road.”

Drake said he not only witnessed the crash, but also the gruesome injuries of the victims.

“I saw a woman crushed underneath the charger.” Drake said. “There were several people back over there laying on the ground, a man with part of his leg torn open.”

City leaders say exhibition driving has been a recurring problem throughout Birmingham. Participation in this illegal activity also led to the death a 14-year-old boy in July and a woman in August.

“If this continues to go through the community and proliferate through our community, we will continue to see the same outcome we have seen over the past year,” said District 2 Birmingham City Councilor, Hunter Williams.

Last night’s crash happened in Councilor Williams’ district. He says to eliminate exhibition driving, police enforcement is key.

“We need to do whatever is possible to make sure that not only those involved that are physically driving the vehicles, but also those that are participating as spectators are prosecuted because it is unacceptable, and it is having a negative impact on our community as a whole,” said Councilor Williams.

Councilor Williams says he looks forward to the legislative session in March where legislators may take up a bill that would prohibit exhibition driving, imposing penalties like jail time, fines, and revoked driving privileges on those who participate.