DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — A little more than seven years ago was the last time a Dale County man was seen.

Ever since, his family, through several searches and investigations, is trying to find any trace of him.

Charles Childree returned home from his daily walk on July 21, 2015, and that was the last time someone saw Charles.

Picture of Charles Childree (Courtesy: Rhoda Hall)

Charles would walk the same route every day. Waking up when the sun rose and walking what Hall says adds up to be 10 miles around the Arguta community in Dale County.

“That is the last time that anyone saw him that day before,” Charles’ niece, Rhoda Hall said. “Not a trace, it’s like he literally vanished.”

In those 10 miles, he would visit with neighbors and people in the area.

Three or four years before Charles went missing he was diagnosed with a form of cancer.

“The time he went missing,” Hall said. “He was actually undergoing treatment.”

In the seven years since he was last seen, three separate K-9 unit searches had been conducted.

As well as two smaller searches, including one conducted last March.

“That night the sheriff’s department brought out the helicopters and people started searching for him just right there in that area,” Hall said.

Hall has done some investigating herself into the disappearance and they were able to determine the route that Charles would take on a daily basis.

Charles’ family has several theories about what could have happened on July 21st, such as that foul play could have been to blame, or that he could have wandered out past his usual route.

“Think about when you first heard that Charles went missing and what is the first thing that came to your mind,” Hall said.

Charles was last seen wearing blue jeans, a belt, a short sleeve button-up plaid shirt, an orange baseball cap, black work shoes, and carrying a walking stick.

The family asks that you alert authorities if you see anything that may look unordinary in that mile radius in Dale County.

“Things that just don’t look like they belong,” Hall said. “Pick up the phone, it may seem silly, but pick up the phone. Especially in that one-mile radius of where he lived there on County Road 15.”

The family asks that if you have any information on Charles’ disappearance let law enforcement know or call the Dale County Sheriff’s office at (334)-774-3114.