(WHNT) – October is coming to an end, meaning it’s almost time to wrap up the yearly scary movie marathons. What better way to do that than to watch some horror flicks that were shot in Alabama?

Below, you can find a list of five scary films that were shot in Alabama to add to your marathon this year.

“Body Snatchers” (1993)

Steve, an agent with the Environmental Protection Agency, moves his family onto a military base in Alabama, where they discover alien clones are replacing human beings.

While the state is full of military bases and functions, “Body Snatchers” never mentions a specific one. However, it was filmed in Selma, at Craig Air Force Base.

“Dead Birds” (2004)

“Dead Birds” is a Western horror movie by Alex Turner. It follows William, the leader of a group of Confederate deserters, an escaped slave and an army nurse. The unlikely group, unfortunately, finds themselves at the mercy of the supernatural.

It is not specified where in Alabama the group is located, however, the movie was shot in Mobile, as well as the Town of Spectre.

“Oculus” (2013)

“Oculus” is the second feature film by horror director and writer Mike Flanagan. The story is of two siblings who return to their childhood home to destroy a mirror that brings on hallucinations, and they believe it influenced their father to kill their mother, and then himself.

Filming took three weeks, and wrapped in Fairhope on October 27, 2012.

“Before I Wake” (2016)

We see Flanagan’s return to the state in 2016 for his fourth feature film “Before I Wake.” A young boy, who has been passed between foster homes, has a gift to make the dead appear — but only when he’s asleep. His final foster mother attempts to take advantage of it, costing her greatly.

Filming took place in a few areas in Alabama. They began in Fairhop on November 11, 2013, and then filmed scenes ar Barton Academy on December 12, 2013. Filming was completed three days later.

“Get Out” (2017)

In Jordan Peele’s second feature film, a young, black photographer visits his girlfriend’s influential family in Upstate New York. He begins to feel uncomfortable when her wealthy white friends begin to compliment his physique. Things begin to go wrong when he is hypnotized by her mother.

Peele made a few stops in Alabama to make this film. Primarily shot in Fairhope, he followed up by using Barton Academy and the Ashland Place Historic District in Mobile.