Let the helpful Ace Hardware folks help you find just the right equipment plus give you helpful tips and advice on your next project.

Lucy Greer is painting a table that she found at a garage sale. Ace Hardware at Greer’s helped Lucy pick out all the products for this project. Having the right equipment makes any DIY project easier.

The products needed are: fine grit sandpaper, paint brushes, latex primer, and paint by Benjamin Moore Paints.

Now that you’re ready to begin, start by lightly sanding the table so it’s smooth and takes the paint well.

Next, add a coat of primer.

Then finish it off with your beautiful Benjamin Moore paint.

If painting is on your DIY list, whether it’s a small project or you’re painting your entire house. You’ll find all the products, plus the help you need at Ace in your local Greer’s to Fix Your House!