PENSACOLA, Fla (WKRG) — Hey, y’all! I wanted to come back to the sanctuary today and talk with you about where you seat your seat… bear with me.

Several years ago, I was sitting in a classroom when a young woman walked up to me with her jaw set and her eyes steely and said, “You’re in my seat,” I looked up startled and she continued, “I picked it yesterday. It’s my seat,” she said. I smiled, got up, and moved my “seat.”

C’mon, admit it. You do the same thing. Your name may not be on the pew, but it might as well be. And, if you stroll in late one Sunday and find someone else sitting there, you are tempted to stand there—stare— and say, “You’re in my seat.”

I thought about the classroom encounter one Sunday when I was running late and scooted in through a side door, plopping down in a pew on the opposite side of the church from where I usually sit. As I looked around, I decided I liked the new view! I usually sit under this strain-glass window. It was quite nice to sit across from it and enjoy the new view.

Routine in life can be a good thing. But what if we occasionally moved our “seats” around and looked at people, our surroundings, and our circumstances from a different point of view?

What if we asked God to show us where He wants us to sit and what, or who, He wants us to see? What if there is someone on the opposite side of the room, the office, the sanctuary, the community, or our own family who needs us to get out of our seat and go sit with them? What if we gave up our “seat” -in the form of a meal, clothes, time, or money- to someone who needs it more than we do? Perhaps, this week, we can consider doing these things.

As I as having those thoughts, my eyes fell on this stained-glass window. depicting the one who gave up HIS seat to take a journey to offer the opportunity to see, and live, in a whole new way. I could almost hear Him say: “Welcome to My house. By the way, you’re in My seat. And I am so glad about that.”

And, that’s your Minute with Drexel.