Oberammergau, Germany (WKRG) — I’m coming to you from the tiny village of Oberammergau in Germany. This is the village where every 10 years, with rare exceptions, the passion play is performed. 

In the 1600s, the plague was sweeping through Europe and it came to Oberammergau and people began to die. Well, the village came together as a group, as a whole, as a family, as it were, and they prayed and they made a vow to God that if the dying would stop then every 10 years they would perform a play. It’s a theatrical production of the Passion of the Christ. And 400 years later, it’s still happening. They are still performing to this day. It’s amazing. 

They come together as a village, as a community to honor this promise that was made by people that they never even knew that was made 400 years ago. They feel so strongly about it, they keep this tradition. Knowing this, we think about the promises that you make and those you have made. Have you been good at keeping them?  If you haven’t, then maybe you can change that as you remember the people of Oberammergau who remember their promise. That’s 400 years old.