PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Hey, y’all! Valentine’s Day came early to my house. I guess The Mister decided he was going to beat the Valentine’s Day rush and he brought me flowers home! You know, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s the holiday when lovers love, couples couple, and Hallmark rakes it in! I read that in Europe a common Valentine’s Day gift is a key. You know, kind of like the key that unlocks your heart.

That got me to thinking about what’s in my heart! I like to think that my heart is full of love and joy and peace and I think for the most part it is. But, I believe there’s also this little room in my heart that I lock away, where I keep things that I don’t necessarily won’t people to see. Things like a short temper, things like hurts, or grudges. Do you have one of those rooms, too?

I got to thinking that perhaps this Valentine’s Day we can think less about the hearts and candy and more about our actual hearts. We are told in Proverbs that we are to guard our heart because it is the wellspring of life. And the Psalmist prayed “create in me a clean heart.” Maybe this Valentine’s Day, we can take that “key” and unlock that little room in our heart, let those things go so that we can fill that room up with more love and joy and peace toward others. And, that’s your Minute with Drexel.