PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — I think by now, you all know how much I love books. REAL books! The ones you can hold in your hand, flip through the pages, underline and highlight, and put on shelves. There’s something about having a home filled with books that brings me peace and comfort.

This particular shelf of books holds a special place in my heart. I call it “Salle’s Shelf.” A few years ago, one of the most beautiful and precious women to ever be in my life… outran us to Heaven. I sure miss her. But, I was fortunate enough to be given some of her books and they mean so much to me.

One of my favorite books on Salle’s Shelf is this 40-year-old book of devotions. One of the daily readings this week was based on a scripture in Matthew chapter 6: “For where your treasure is, your heart will be also.”

It got me thinking about what we treasure in life… the things, people, activities, and habits that we spend our time, money, energy, and our love on. Are those things contributing to our life? Are they making us, or someone else, become better people? Do they mean anything? Or are they just fun, but “worthless” treasures?

This week, I want you join me in making a list. I’ve already started mine. Let’s list all of the things in our life that we treasure. Those things, people, activities, habits, whatever is on your list, and let’s try to decide. Are they really contributing value to my life or the life of someone else or are they worthless? Are we, like my friend Salle, investing in “treasures” that will benefit others once we are gone? I think those are important questions that might help us become better humans in one way or another.

And, on that note… I want you to know that I treasure you! I thank you for spending a minute or so with me each Sunday morning.