PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Hey, y’all… cold enough for ya? I have to confess… I’m prone to the winter blues. First, I don’t like to be cold! Secondly, we’re kind of in that weather wasteland! The prettiness of December is behind us and the beauty of spring seems so far away.

You know, the winter blues can move beyond the temperature. That cold “feeling” can seep into our thoughts and our spirit and can kind of ice us over if we aren’t careful.

So, what do you do to fight the winter blues?

I turn to books and to writing, to my faith, and even to music! I read inspirational words written by Corrie Ten Boom and Mother Teresa, both of whom weathered a lot of “winters” in their lives. I write my own words that I hope will encourage you. I turn to my faith and I pray. I pray with a spirit of gratitude for whatever day God decided to gift me with, even if it’s a cold and dreary day.

And I sing! Not very well, mind you… but singing takes my mind off the dreariness of the moment and the weather and also lifts my spirit to a sunnier and warmer place.

One of my favorite things to sing is a hymn by Natalie Sleeth. It’s titled “Hymn of Promise.” My favorite lines come in the first stanza.

“In the cold and snow of winter

There’s a spring that waits to be

Unrevealed until its season

Something God alone can see.”

(*Hymn of Promise by Natalie Sleeth 1986 Hope Publishing Co.)

If you’re cold today… in your spirit as well as your body… hold on. Winter won’t last forever. Sing it with me… “There’s a spring that waits to be.” Your spring is on the way! As the song says, God sees it, even if you can’t right now. And that’s your Minute with Drexel.