PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Today I’m coming to you from a cruise ship. I feel so fancy. I was asked to be the speaker for a women’s retreat conference on this ship, and we have just had a fabulous few days of faith and fellowship and of talking about ways to be better women of faith and better in the world for God, for others, and for ourselves.

You know, being on a big ship like this, you know, you’re out in this big open water and you think, how in the world or why not get lost? Well, thankfully, we have a great captain. And also it’s really reassuring to have this map that’s on one of our TV screens. It shows us all the time exactly where we are and where we are headed.

But sometimes when I’ve been roaming the halls of the ship, I’ve gotten lost and I’ve had to look for signals of where to go to know that I was getting to the right destination. You know, I got to thinking about in life, we sometimes feel lost, whether it’s being lost directionally or lost emotionally or lost spiritually. But there are signs and there are guidances for us if we will just tap into them.

In Luke, Chapter 15, we’re told about how the Good Shepherd goes in search of the one that is lost. If you are feeling a little bit lost today, I just encourage you to tap into your faith, ask for guidance, ask for direction and ask for safe passage home. And I believe in my heart that you will get it. Here’s to what’s being lost and now is found.