TAMPA, Fla. (WKRG) — Today, I’m coming to you from the cloudy and windy shores of Tampa Bay. I am in Tampa for the baptism of my brand-new grandbaby. It’s a joyful occasion for our family and friends and for Baby Sam as he is baptized into the Christian faith.

As I sat in the church, I had this overwhelming sense of peace that reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures, Psalm 34:14, which says in part “Seek peace and pursue it.”

I’ve known this verse most of my life, but a few years ago, the word “pursue” jumped out at me and I looked up the definition of “pursue” in the dictionary. Some of the definitions are: to persist, to go after, to chase.

I asked myself then, and I ask myself now, “Drexel, what are you doing to chase peace in the world?” I don’t know that I have a really good answer for that. I think passively I’m pretty good at it, meaning I can walk away from a touchy situation or not pop off at someone who’s made a hurtful remark to me. But what am I doing actively to go out and chase down peace every day of my life?

This week, my challenge to me… and to you… is to find one, two, or five ways to chase peace in your life. It might be something as simple as taking a doughnut to a cranky coworker. Or maybe giving a hug or an ‘I love you’ to a relative who’s not so easy to get along with. It might mean going to someone with whom you have a rocky relationship and saying “Enough, already. Let’s make peace.”

I want my grandbaby Sam and all the babies being born to grow up in a world filled with peace. But, I’m not so sure that’s going to happen until you and I take the active steps to chase it down and set an example and set the stage.