A Minute With Drexel: “A wonderful bird is the pelican”

A Minute with Drexel

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — “A wonderful bird is the pelican. His beak can hold more than his belly can!” I love that little saying about as much as I love pelicans! I lived on Pensacola Beach for several years and every day, rain or shine, at about the same time, two brown pelicans would buzz by my balcony! I named them Romeo and Juliet!

I began studying up on pelicans and taking pictures like these. I discovered that pelicans can be good examples of what relationships should look like in our lives.

For instance, brown pelicans are loyal. They mate for life. They put equal effort into the relationship. Both help create the home (the nest), and both feed the babies. They like to hang out with other pelicans, but they also like to hang out with creatures that don’t look like them… humans. So, Romeo and Juliet set a pretty good example for us humans about how to get along when it comes to commitment, fidelity, responsibility, unity, and community.

So… how’s your “love life?” While romantic love gets the most press, it’s the love in our hearts for friends, family, community, the world, and our faith that makes the most impact. What is in our hearts determines how we relate to others. It determines to a large degree how happy we are and how happy we make those around us.

God created us for a relationship, you know. Primarily with him, then with others. With that in mind, back to the “beak holds more than its belly can” characteristic. Perhaps you’ll join me today in praying that we will have more love in our heart than our heart can hold… so that the love can spill over and out and bring joy… and peace… to everyone who turns up in our flight pattern.

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