Fogbow: Like a Rainbow Without Color

Have you ever seen a fogbow? The odds are you have seen one but didn't notice. A fogbow is a faint arc of white in a bank of fog, when the sun is (low in the sky) behind you and the fog is in front of you. You're more likely to spot one in the morning, when the sky is clear, with fog near the ground.

It's formed in the exact same way as a rainbow but instead of sunlight entering raindrops and bouncing back to you, the sunlight enters tinier water droplets in fog and bounces back to you. The smaller size of the water droplets in fog doesn't produce much color. Sometimes a fogbow may have a reddish band on the outside and a bluish band on the inside.

Just like a rainbow, the lower the sun is in the sky, the higher and wider a fogbow could be. As the sun rises, a fogbow lowers so that you don't see as much of it.



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