Hurricane Season ACE Above Average

It’s been an active hurricane season and it’s not over yet. Hurricane season ends at the end of November. As of November 1st, there have been 16 named storms. Ten of them became hurricanes. Six of those became major hurricanes (category 3 or above). Two of the hurricanes reached category 5 status.

Another way that meteorologists measure tropical storm activity is by how much energy the storms use. You might hear of ACE- that’s Accumulated Cyclone Energy. ACE accounts for the changes in strength over the full lifespan of a tropical cyclone (tropical storm or hurricane).

Here are some stats from the National Hurricane Center as of November 1: From a seasonal perspective, activity in the Atlantic basin so far in 2017 is well above average. In terms of ACE, the 2017 season is the 5th most active on record to date in the basin, behind 1893, 1926, 1933, and 2005.

Name Dates Max Wind
TS Arlene 19-21 Apr 50 mph
TS Bret 19-20 Jun 45 mph
TS Cindy 20-23 Jun 60 mph
TD Four 5- 7 Jul 30 mph
TS Don 17-18 Jul 50 mph
TS Emily 31 Jul- 1 Aug 45 mph
H  Franklin 6-10 Aug 85 mph
H  Gert 13-17 Aug 105 mph
MH Harvey 17 Aug- 1 Sep 130 mph
MH Irma 30 Aug-12 Sep 185 mph
MH Jose 5-22 Sep 155 mph
H  Katia 5- 9 Sep 105 mph
MH Lee 15-30 Sep 115 mph
MH Maria 16-30 Sep 175 mph
H  Nate 4- 9 Oct 90 mph
MH Ophelia 9-15 Oct 115 mph
TS Philippe 28-29 Oct 60 mph

Mobile County

Baldwin County

Northwest Florida