La Nina Advisory Posted - Does This Mean Worsening Drought?

The above video is a weather discussion between Meteorologist Thomas Geboy and National Weather Service Meteorologist in Charge (Mobile) Jeff Medlin. The topic is La Nina. In this video we break-down what we might experience locally because of the La Nina.

The drought continues to worsen across the southeast and with the latest news out of NOAA, it only looks like the drought is going to get worse. That news is the advisory they posted concerning a La Nina developing. La Nina and El Nino are factors that are talked about frequently when it comes to tropical weather and the affect they have on hurricane seasons, but you cannot overlook the averages they influence during the winter months. Typically a La Nina will spell drier than normal conditions in the southeast and also usually leads to warmer than normal conditions. Now both of those are averages and don't speak to what can happen day by day. Historically we have seen some of our coldest air during times of La Nina and severe weather season might be prolonged in December during a La Nina. The video above covers the outlook for the La Nina and we break down what local effects we might experience. Plus we look ahead to when we might see some relief in the form of rain. If you have any questions or comments please let us know through our social media outlets on Facebook and on Twitter.

Mobile County

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