Veterans React To Bergdahl Release

Veterans React To Bergdahl Release

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There are more questions than answers at this point surrounding the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban to the U.S. New video was released early Wednesday of the handover. We showed that video to veterans at Battleship Park in Mobile today. Though Bergdahl’s family is touting him as a hero, others have doubts.

“I guess it’s good to have any American back but I’m still not sure about the heroism involved with him. And what the true story is with his capture, if it was a capture at all,” says Wesley Strong, a veteran with the U.S. Army.

Was he a deserter or did he wander off? And was he captured or did he willingly go to the Taliban? Wesley Strong, an Army veteran, is forming some theories of his own.

“It seems as though it didn’t go down the way he says it did and it almost sounds like he deserted and actually joined the Taliban and he’s been there since then. He doesn’t look worse for wear in that video, he looks like he’s pretty healthy,” says Strong.

“And I was in Vietnam in combat and you know you’re in a buddy system. And when these individuals are talking about him walking away, there has to be a lot of truth to it,” says David Grant, a Marine veteran of the Vietnam War.

While many of the veterans we spoke to today are conservative and they admit, they’re not a big fan of President Obama, they say they respect the office enough to wait until all the facts are presented before passing any kind of judgment.

“Research needs to be done and let the public know what really happened, there’s some peculiar circumstances and we may never know the truth, but we’re all glad he’s home and we all pray for his family. Even though I’m not necessarily an Obama supporter, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt to bring one of our warriors home,” says Steve McCutcheon, a Vietnam veteran with the Air Force.

Others say they’re disappointed with the judgment of the White House when President Obama agreed to release five Taliban commanders captured in 2001.

“The five worst criminals in the world. And to give them up for an individual, we’re not even sure of his background, of how he disappeared,” says Grant.

Soldiers in his platoon say he left his post, only taking a few items but leaving behind his weapon and armor. Teams that went out to look for him say they intercepted radio and cell phone conversations that described an American soldier who wanted to talk to the Taliban. The White House apologized for not talking to members of Congress before making the deal. The Senate Intelligence Committee will be looking further into the matter.

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